Virtual Reality: State of the Technology

Ongoing, 2015

Goals: Keep an eye on the key players and breakthroughs in this incredibly exciting field.

Tools Used: The Interwebs

The Players

Facebook's Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Sony Project Morpheus

Magic Leap

Microsoft Hololens

Samsung's Gear VR (Oculus-based)

Google Cardboard

FOVE: The World's First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset

VR One (Smartphone Compatible)

VR Offshoots

Project Sansar (by Linden Lab/Second Life)


Tilt Brush (paint VR space around you...omg)


VR Camp at Burning Man



Eve Valkyrie (MMO for Rift & Morpheus)


Gunjack (Samsung Gear VR)

Interesting Links

15 Ideas That Will Make You Reconsider Virtual Reality